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Innovator Farm is funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) under the Commission on Poverty. The SIE Fund provides support to the entire life cycle of innovative ventures, from idea incubation and seed funding to implementation and eventual scale-up. The ultimate goal is to foster an ecosystem which is beneficial for social innovation projects to grow, social entrepreneurs to thrive and innovative ideas, products and services to benefit society by meeting underserved needs and unleashing underutilised talents. In the long run, it hopes to promote poverty alleviation and poverty prevention, social inclusion, well-being, and social cohesion of society, assisting the Government in formulating targeted poverty alleviation initiatives.



  • The Key Management of the project must be a Hong Kong resident who is over 18 years old.

  • The project must be under a registered limited company or organization in Hong Kong.

  • The application can be made by one person or a group, with a team size of 1-6 members.

  • The project must aim to alleviate poverty, prevent poverty, and promote social inclusion.

  • The project should not overlap with any existing government funding programmes.

Types of Funding

Types of Funding


Projects that have tested their feasibility and has a go-to-market plan


Projects that have been tested in the market with a viable business model


Projects with a viable business model that have been launched in the market and plan to further develop


Projects that have achieved a sustainable business model and aim to scale-up

Application Amount

Up to HK$300,000

Above HK$300,000

up to HK$900,000

Above HK$900,000

up to HK$2,000,000

Above HK$2,000,000

Matching Fund Required
(SIE Fund:Matching Fund)

Not required


(e.g. If SIE Fund amount sought is $500,000, the project is required to secure at least another $250,000 Matching Fund)


(e.g. If SIE Fund amount sought is $1,000,000, the project is required to secure at least another $1,000,000 Matching Fund)


Funding Period

12/18 months

12/18/24 months

12/18/24/36 months

12/18/24/36 months

Assessment Panel

Joint Intermediary and Task Force Vetting Committee (JVC)

Joint Intermediary and Task Force Vetting Committee (JVC)

Joint Intermediary and Task Force Vetting Committee (JVC)

Joint Intermediary and Task Force Vetting Committee (JVC) and Proposal Assessment Committee (PAC)

Vetting Criteria

Vetting Criteria

Adopting the Strategy of Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Innovator Farm has been appointed by The SIE Fund as one of the third batch of intermediaries to provide support for social entrepreneurs. The SIE Fund enables social entrepreneurs to address social needs through innovative ideas, products and services, and assists the Government in formulating targeted poverty alleviation initiatives. 


Vision and Social Impact

1. Clarity of vision and goals, aligned with the objectives of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund (SIE Fund) (e.g., poverty alleviation, prevention of social exclusion).

2. Clarity of outcomes and performance indicators.

3. Use of Donald Kirkpatrick's Model to measure social impact.

4. Understanding of beneficiaries' needs and effective solutions to address them.

Business Model and Sustainability

1. Feasibility of the business model and implementation plan.

2. Ability to integrate resources across sectors.

3. Clarity of human resource plan.

4. Effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies.

5. Clarity of financial and operational sustainability plan.

6. Accuracy of break-even time prediction (if applicable).

Innovation and Value Proposition

1. Innovativeness of project concept, business model, and execution (e.g., SCAMPER model).

2. Comprehensive market research (e.g., market landscape survey, competitor analysis, expert interviews, mystery shopping).

3. Understanding of market trends, including opportunities, competition, target market, and positioning.

Project Management, Governance, and Team Capability

1. Clarity and comprehensiveness of the work plan.

2. Effectiveness of corporate governance, risk management, and mitigation.

3. Leadership of the team and effectiveness of their contribution to the project; relevance of the team's experience to the project.

4. Entrepreneurial, business thinking, and social awareness of the project team.

Prototype Testing and Effectiveness

1. Results and performance of the project prototype.

2. Benefit of learning and reflection from prototype design.

Application Process

Application Process

Open for Application

You may choose to attend an Information Session to learn more about the application details, and participate in optional Social Entrepreneurship Training sessions.

Application Documents Submission

To participate in the programme, you must submit all required documents, including the Project Proposal, Budget Plan, Pitching Deck, Declaration and Consent Form.


Innovator Farm will conduct a Pre-screening of the submitted documents. During this period, Innovator Farm may request additional information from the applicant. In general, Innovator Farm will announce the Pre-screening results within 1 month after the application deadline.

Dress Rehearsal & Coach Speed Dating

Innovator Farm will arrange a presentation dress rehearsal and coaching speed dating sessions to facilitate the project teams in preparing for the vetting and assessment.

Pitching Day

Projects that have applied for assistance in finding matching funds will introduce their projects to potential investors on the day of the presentation.

Vetting and Assessment

HK$2,000,000 or below: The Joint Intermediary and Task Force Vetting Committee (JVC)


Above $2,000,000: The Joint Intermediary and Task Force Vetting Committee and The Proposal Assessment Committee (PAC)


In general, Innovator Farm will announce whether the project has been recommended within 10 working days after the JVC.


*The Joint Intermediary and Task Force Vetting Committee (JVC), comprising members from various disciplines and sectors and representatives of the SIE Fund Task Force, will assess eligible applications, and formulate funding decisions for each eligible application. Where necessary, the JVC may seek comments and advice from other experts.


**The Proposal Assessment Committee (PAC), chaired by the SIE Fund Task Force, will regularly meet to assess and vet applications, and to make the ultimate funding decision for each eligible application.

Seeking of Endorsement by SIE Fund

Projects that have been recommended by the JVC will be submitted to SIE Fund's dedicated team for seeking endorsement by SIE Fund. During this period, the dedicated team may request additional information from the applicant or request that the project make some modifications (such as financial budget, key performance indicators, etc.) for further evaluation.

Application results

Innovator Farm will notify the applicant of the application results via email (if the application is not approved, the reasons will be stated). Approved projects can only receive the funding after signing the agreement.

Programme Timeline

Programme Timeline


29 Feb

Open for Application

14 May 17:00

Application Deadline

Mid of May


Early Jun

Pre-screening Result Announcement

7 Jun

Social Entrepreneurship Training 4 (Optional) &
Coach Speed Dating 1

11 Jun

Dress Rehearsal &
Speed Dating 2

14 Jun

Pitching Day

(Tentative) 27 Jun Or 28 Jun


Mid of Jul

JVC Result Announcement

Application Document

Application document

Apply Now

​Funding Application and Events Registration

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