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About Innovator Farm

About IF

What is Innovator Farm

Innovator Farm, organised by Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES), is appointed as an intermediary innovative programme again by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) under the Commission on Poverty in early 2023. Innovator Farm provides funding, social entrepreneurship training, cross-sectoral networking, and industry exchange platforms for social innovation projects at different stages (including Late Prototypes and Start-ups) to help social entrepreneurs and their projects cross the "valley of death" in entrepreneurship, continue to alleviate poverty and social exclusion issues in Hong Kong, and expand their social impact.


The programme has a social innovator-centric design on sustainable venture building together with flexible incubation programme services with the aim to equip social innovators with Economic Capital, Strategic Capital, Social Capital and Cultural Capital, so to establish sustainable, scalable and impactful social businesses. Since 2020, Innovator Farm has incubated over 90 social innovation projects, providing over $27,000,000 in grant and over $15,000,000 in matching fund.


*Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) was established in 2011 as a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong. It is Hong Kong's first non-profit organisation formed by knowledge volunteers, which dedicated to promoting social innovation and entrepreneurship development in Hong Kong for societal betterment through gathering a team of pracademic and knowledge volunteers from diverse professions.

Training & Support

Training and Support Services


Innovator Farm provides a series of social entrepreneurship training to funded projects and social innovators to cater their needs, including strategic planning, decision analysis, marketing and sales management, resource allocation, and stakeholders management. The training helps to transform knowledge into practical skills and provides a set of applicable management tools and templates to translate goals into detailed and achievable success indicators and execution plans.

capacity building

Social Impact Measurement helps projects understand what social impact is and how to measure it. With a set of tools including templates, reports, and standard questionnaires, social innovators will be able to put it in effective use rather than just knowledge learning.


*Mandatory for all funded projects

Social Impact Measurement
Professional Coaching

Innovator Farm arranges professional coaches from various industries with rich industry knowledge and experience to funded projects, providing specialised knowledge, networks, and matching suitable resources.

Cross-sector Collaboration

Cross-sectoral networking connects the governmental, business, social, academia, and civic society sectors to promote knowledge volunteering to contribute knowledge, time, and interpersonal networks. People from different backgrounds and work with social enterprises in helping the disadvantaged, allowing Hong Kong social innovation to deepen its roots and bring along city transformation.

Assistance in SecuringMatching Funds

Innovation Farm regularly holds events for social innovators people from different backgrounds to participate in with the aim to foster exchanges and collaborations.


Social innovator gatherings


Gathering social innovators from different fields to relax, enjoy food and drinks, share their ups and downs and become peers in each others' social entrepreneurship journey.


Industry-specific gatherings


Breaking the concept of "rivalry among peers" and encouraging social innovators to share experiences, exchange industry news and trends to inspire one another, or even join hands to create greater impact.


Business Savvy


Gathering people from different sectors to explore social innovation-related issues in depth, opening up space and directions for cross-sector collaboration, strengthening the social innovation ecosystem, and promoting the overall well-being of Hong Kong.

Networking Platform for
Social Innovators

Innovator Farm supports applicants in obtaining matching fund through Pitching Day and Demo Day.


Pitching Day

Innovation Farm applicants can choose to receive support from Innovator Farm in securing matching funds. On Pitching Day, they can introduce their projects to foundation representatives or potential investors, listen to their opinions and suggestions for improvement, and have the opportunity to obtain matching fund support.

Demo Day


Funded projects from various social innovation organizations have the opportunity to attend, showcase their achievements and exchange ideas with potential customers, investors, or organizations to seeking opportunities for business cooperation or funding investment, and also have the opportunity to win prizes to grow their team and businesses.

Matching Fund

Innovator Farm arranges different media interviews and coverage for suitable funded projects to help increase their visibility. In addition, project introductions will also be uploaded to Innovator Farm website and promoted through various media channels from time to time.

Media promotion

Innovator Farm team will regularly meet with funded projects to understand and follow up on project progress, and provide advice on project management, execution, project progress and financial reports.

Innovation Farm team support
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Join Us

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Driving social entrepreneurship development in Hong Kong doesn't mean that everyone has to become a social entrepreneur. It means that everyone can contribute in their own way. As a key player in incubating social innovation projects and connecting social entrepreneurs with different sectors, our staff are an important part of Innovator Farm and the social innovation community. We are committed to unleashing the potential of our staff with regular training, so to enable them to offer appropriate support for funded projects.

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